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Monday, January 05, 2009

Things you might want to know about me

I come from five kids three girls and two boys
I have six children three each
Married twenty and half years
I hate eating out at restaurants
I don't like to socialize too much
I enjoy staying home
I don't really watch TV
I enjoy singing and playing my guitar
I love my home
I'm not much of a camper I like the day part but by night time I feel sorry for myself
I only camp to eat burned hot dogs and marshmallows
I like pretty things, crystals, rocks, flowers, starfish, sand dollars, electronic things like ipods cell phones all those cool things.
I have not been to the doctor in over 7 years
I went to the dentist today
I love to burn incense
I hate the smell of left over food in the house. I am sure that comes form being pregnant six times.
I don't like to drive out of town
I love to discuss the weather, watch the weather. I should have been a TV weather lady
I love my camera. I believe everyone should take a lot of photo's
I do not sleep well. I have not slept the night all the way through in over twenty years
I do well on no sleep
I do not nap during the day
I don't like idleness laziness
I don't like messy houses
I love coffee
I drink tea every night Earl Gray
I try to have coffee every morning with mom and dad


Anonymous said...

I am not sure i know you. Do you like raspberries or strawberries, do you like yogurt? What's your favorite car? Do you like travelling? Cross country skiing?

Anonymous said...

You are very thoughtful.
You are amazing with your hands.
You are inspiring.
You are so creative.
You have a never ending imagination.
You are independent, strong, and courageous.
You never forget birthdays.
You are a horse/goat/sheep/llama/alpaca/peacock/dove/cat
dog/pigeon/guinea pig/cow and fish whisperer.
You are an amazing and loving mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt great -aunt and friend.
You love to walk long distances.
You are not a fan of arenas.

...Just to add a few more off the top of my head....

freshisle said...

Un-asked for advice - get yourself to the doctor! It's important to look after yourself, too.

Moments Forever Captured said...

You are faithful
You are non judgement
You are crafty
You are a calming spirit
You are a true friend
You always put your family first
You support your kids in hockey even though you hate it
You are amazing.....just a few more :)