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Friday, January 09, 2009

Our broken down fax
My oldest son was wondering why I ran a black garbage bag through the fax:) Nope this is the last set of hands prints that tried to come through.
We had a hockey game late afternoon until early evening. Some of us came home my husband stayed then went to watch my oldest daughter play.
Today I went for a long walk 6.4 km. even though I was warm it gave him such a chill when I came home. I could not warm up. Today my cat died. I am not sure but I think the dogs may have got to him. Poor guy when I picked him up he cried a very sad hurt cry.It has been a horrible winter here for animals. In the mornings you totally have to brace yourself for what you will find.
I have sold 7 more pairs of socks. I think that brings the total up to at least 24-25 I have sold.
My son has gone off to Sicamose to watch a hockey game and to visit a girl. He has arrived safely but he tells me he is coming home tonight. So another night of no sleep. My youngest daughter is having a sleep over with my oldest daughter my oldest daughter's boyfriends at his mother's home. She wants to watch a movie pg13. I had said no but then I changed my mind she can watch it if she watches it with Nana.
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Anonymous said...

WA-OHHH! Was that my fax that did the damage?!! Good lord that is a mess! So sorry, guess I should just try to mail them. Probably get there faster - or I should just drive them down to you!