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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Play fighting

Snow, play fights, skates and hockey all together make for a great evening
Here are the kids skating on our ice rink. I think everyone should have an ice rink it is a wonderful baby sitter. The kids love it. all we need is a Zamboni ( not sure on the spelling did you know it is not in my dictionary)
The kids defiantly had their share of outside fun this holiday. They skated and tobogganed so much.
Today we were up at 4:30 as we had a hockey game in Revelstoke 4 hours away. Only my husband and two sons went today.
Something funny. My husband was trying to tell Sam a few pointers about him being a goalie ( he really never tries to tell them to many pointers to the kids because he used to hate it when his dad would tell him what to do all the time) Anyway while he was talking to Sam. Sam forgot and phoned me at home from his cell while he was suppose to be given some pointers. Needless to say we do not have NHL dreamers or at least not yet. I thought that was so funny. My poor husband no one listens to him:) Well I should run I have to be at the dentist by 9:45am tomorrow and we are back to school. Which reminds me my youngest daughter asked me today if I would home school her. Not going to happen! Nope I am not a teacher. It did make me worry why she asked this. I thought she was enjoying school. The middle school is quite different it is grades seven and eight. Nothing really wrong with it. My kids just seem to coast through it not too much comes out of it. So I will have to watch maybe she is just nervous about going back after the Christmas break.
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Anonymous said...

Hi gig,

Tell Hya we received her very special Christmas present from her and were deeply touched. What a thoughtful kind gift. And for a lovely girl to think of her favourite aunt and uncle about. we were near touched to tears and let her know we haven't forgotten and will send a Thank-you gesture soon.

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