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Thursday, January 01, 2009

This amazing little piece of wood is all pitch (not too sure if that is the correct spelling) I use it to start my fire. It starts a fire so fast and you don't need any newspaper.

This afternoon we joined my Mom and Dad, Sister In law for a nice New Years Day meal at my Mother In laws. We had a very nice visit and it was early enough we could come home and the kids could skate. Tomorrow we are off to Kamloops to go look around the stores. The kids received some gift cards and would like to check out the sales.

I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for everyone.

I hope each and everyone of you is healthy and Safe and our New Year gives us all hope and Peace.

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常州麻将 said...

It seems a little more than I need to check the information, because I was thinking: Why does not my GLOG these things!

广西休闲游戏中心 said...

You these things, I have read twice, for me, this is a relatively rare phenomenon!
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