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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pine Beetle Our area has been quite hard with the Pine Beetle. The highways cut down the trees that could fall on the road. It was going to get pretty dangerous. One man down the road I bet has lost most of his trees. His trees were already to fall down in hard winds.
Our road used to be closed in most of the way with trees lining both sides. Well now it looks like this. As you can see the red a lot is still there. It is sad to seem the trees gone but at the same time I glad they are removing them. We did not have any on our road side. All our trees are up on our next two levels. It is pretty cool how fast the trees were removed.
Yesterday was a crazy day I sat around all day waiting. I swear I must spend have my life in my van. I left home at eleven fifteen came home for an hour and a half. Then I left again and did not come home until nine twenty last night. I had it I was so tired. Why I don't know. I accomplished absolutely nothing all day. Well today is pretty close to being a repeat to yesterday so I should run. Have a great day do something wonderful !
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