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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Star and Candy The one on the left has natural big ears.
The girls learning from their dad. Check out those ears.

Yesterday we watched the USA bring in their new President. It was so nice to watch. I hope that man does wonderful things. Then it was off to hockey and a parent meeting. You would not believe how long it takes to decide yes or no if the boys should go to a tournament. I finally left and asked if they could just email me. I was absolutely freezing. I don't know why no one else is cold there. maybe it is just mind above matter and I am not really cold. I just do not want to be there. When I get that cold I can only warm up by cooking myself in the bath. Well I had better get over it. I am at the arena for three ice times tonight and I won't be home until 9:45pm. It is quite chilly even though the sun is shining. We went for a quick walk today. I did not want to go for long as I am cooking my supper so we can eat at 4pm.
I was thinking today in one and half months we will start kidding. I think if I keep my goats this may be the last year we have babies in the early spring and try for late May. It is a thought I would be much warmer so would the little babies. It all depends on the year. Next year is a Grad year!!!!
Well I must run and get ready for kids. Talk to you all soon
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freshisle said...

Such adorable little puppies. And busy, too, I'll bet.
I've been taking more baths than usual this winter, too. It's the only way I can totally thaw out!

Anonymous said...

I had to zoom in on mimzy. He is looking very fat! I didn't recognise him, I thought it was Boomer.